Choosing Lucite (Acrylic) for Your Custom Award or Acrylic Commemorative

The awards and commemoratives beginning on this page highlight some of the capabilities of Lucite (acrylic).

For instance, you’ll find here:

  • A custom Lucite celebrating FDA approval of a drug—and incorporating a vial of the actual drug itself.
  • An acrylic commemorative recognizing the extraordinary efforts of utility emergency crews in the aftermath of a hurricane, using a strand of the real wire they used in their repairs.
  • A Lucite cube commemorating the dedication of a statue honoring a Super Bowl victory, and including in its design fragments of the statue’s mold.

Lucite provides an ideal medium for showcasing these and many other objects. With Lucite you can often incorporate the authentic object itself in the design of the award or commemorative, vastly increasing both the cachet and perceived value among recipients.

But there are a number of other advantages to selecting Lucite for your design.

Do you need to follow strict color guidelines involving your organization or company’s logo colors? If so, you may want to explore Lucite as an option.

In addition to being highly malleable and durable, Lucite also allows for precise color matching.

Whether your immediate project involves an annual award, an organizational anniversary, a product launch, or any of a number of other events, achievements, or milestones, reach out to us about the possibility of a custom Lucite design.

Custom Lucite Team Award For Disaster Recovery

Custom Lucite team award, featuring an embedded conductor strand, recognizing employees of utility PowerSouth in restoring power after Hurricane Michael. (8AMF457)

Custom Lucite for LSU NCAA Baseball Championship

Custom Lucite commemorative, incorporating an embedded Coca-Cola bottle, celebrating the 2023 victory of the LSU men’s baseball tean in the College World Series. (23ADH002)

Custom Lucite Water Jug for Corporate Anniversary

Custom Lucite celebrating the 30th anniversary of Maryland-based DrinkMore Water. (23AKL472)

Acrylic Drug Vial Embedment celebrating FDA Approval

Acrylic Drug Vial Embedment celebrating FDA Approval

Custom acrylic with an embedded drug vial celebrating FDA approval of the ovarian cancer drug ELAHERE. (23AKL266)

Groundbreaking Commemorative with Shovel

Custom Lucite commemorative marking the groundbreaking for a German climate-neutral cement plant. (24LJW025)

Plant Opening Custom Commemorative Ruggable Charlotte

Plant Opening Custom Commemorative Ruggable Charlotte

Custom Lucite celebrating the opening of a Charlotte, North Carolina plant by Ruggable. (22ALJ117)

Hardhat-Inspired Lucite Commemorative

Lucite commemorative celebrating the launch of Verdian Power. The European power provider designs, constructs, and operates renewable energy projects. (24LNL038)

Lucite Commemorative Licensing Agreement Click Therapeutics

Lucite Commemorative Licensing Agreement Click Therapeutics

Custom Lucite marking a licensing agreement between Click Therapeutics and Boehringer Ingelheim. (22AKL597)

Lucite Oil Embedment Shell Joint Venture Georgia

Custom oil drop-shaped Lucite, incorporating both an oil drop and a map of Georgia, celebrating a recycling agreement between Shell and Nexus Circular. (22AZH295)