Ready to start the commemorative awards process, but not sure how much info you need?

The experts at Prestige Custom Awards ask a few questions in our request form, and then we get to work making designs your team will love based on our decades of experience in the industry.

Featured - 48 Hour

Get a Design in 48-Hours

When you complete our request form, we’ll ask you the specific questions we need to produce a design for you in 48 hours. This simple step puts you well on your way to producing truly custom commemorative awards in any material.

Featured - Expertise

We Have the Expertise You Need

Our designers are the experts: you don’t need to have any previous design experience to get started. Just tell us about your event or brand, and we’ll get to work creating a design based on your input. We’ll also suggest materials that work best for the design you want, and we’ll tell you when an idea may not work.

Featured - How Long

How Long is the Production Time for Commemorative Awards?

Because every material is different, time varies across each option. For example, Lucite may take only 7 business days, while crystal may take 16 business days. Whether you need a physical sample or approval from many stakeholders can also impact the production timeline for commemorative awards.

Featured - Material

Choosing the Right Material

Your commemorative awards can be a mix of materials or just one type. Our experts can suggest the best materials for the project, or you can find inspiration in many past projects; see the differences in styles and choose something that aligns with your brand.

Why Do I Need
CUSTOM Commemorative Awards?

So why do we customize each award? Why not just pull a glass block off a shelf and engrave it? Because while those seem like a simple option, they don’t represent your brand values or the effort your recipient has put into their work. When you recognize years of dedication, should you be giving an interchangeable award pulled off a warehouse shelf? If your team developed a new treatment that received FDA approval, or painstakingly brought a new app to market, should they get just another prefabricated, lookalike award?

We think you’ll say no.

For your company or organization, customized commemorative awards should demonstrate innovation and reflect the commitment of your recipients – whether they worked day and night to develop a new app or donated funds to build a new facility.

With our quick design turnarounds and expert guidance on materials, customization doesn’t have to be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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Shipping Awards Around the World

At Prestige Custom Awards, we have offices around the globe to make shipping easy. If you plan to ship your awards, we’ll design a piece that can travel without breaking.

Read more about our shipping policies or send in the request form to learn the best options for your project.

How To Order - Shipping
How To Order - Custom Packaging

Can I Order Custom Packaging?

Absolutely! Each piece has a protective package for protection during travel or shipping. If you choose to ship the award, you’ll want to mimic the excitement of an in-person awards ceremony with beautiful packaging. In your request form, mention custom packaging, and our experts will take it from there.