• Modular Deal Toy Design

    Deal Toys for Multiple Transactions: Some Design and Marketing Ideas You Should Consider (Updated)

    You may already be planning to commemorate more than one transaction in your deal toy. There are any number of circumstances in which commemorating multiple, though related, transactions in a single deal toy makes obvious sense. Aggregating multiple transactions like this can also save you both time and money. Tombstone “Graveyards” and Deal Backlog   […]

  • Voices Youth Award Honoring Gorbachev and Shultz

    Youth Award Celebrates The Legacy of Shultz and Gorbachev

    George Shultz and Mikhail Gorbachev might at first seem unlikely candidates to have inspired a youth award. Shultz, the former U.S. Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, celebrated his 100th birthday in December. Gorbachev, the former President of the Soviet Union, will turn 90 this March. But both men created a legacy that has continued […]

  • Deal Toys for Multiple Transactions: Some Design and Marketing Ideas You Should Consider (Updated) - image 20AKL1841_mod on https://prestigecustomawards.com

    Nelson Cruz among Honorees at Inspiring ESPY Telecast

    ESPN’s annual ESPY Awards telecast has always had a special significance for us at Prestige Custom Awards. It’s long been a point of pride for us that we provide the actual awards presented at what is ordinarily a festive, celebratory event. But it was clear that the 2020 edition would be quite different. This wouldn’t […]

  • Logo-Themed Lucite Tombstone

    Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated)

    Logos frequently provide at least the initial basis for deal toy ideas, but many logo-inspired design options still tend to be overlooked.   Logo-themed deal toy designs tend to be fairly common. After all, however complex or simple they might ultimately be, the perceived value and cachet of deal toys lies in their distinctive design […]

  • Logo-Themed Years-of-Service Award

    5 Truly Unique Custom Award Ideas for Your Company or Organization

    Looking for unique custom award ideas to recognize employees or clients? Perhaps you’re marking an organizational milestone, recognizing sales achievement, commemorating a joint venture, or a team’s work in developing a new product—or any of a hundred other occasions or events. Chances are you already realize the advantages of custom gift or award for employees […]

  • Solar Industry Team Award

    Team Award Ideas: 5 Unique Ways To Commemorate Project Success

    Looking for team award ideas? Consider something beyond the usual canned, all-purpose “recognition awards”. You’ve heard the truism: Employee recognition should play an essential role in the culture of your organization. And if you need confirmation of that, you’ll find it just about everywhere—from scholarly considerations in the Harvard Business Review to those fishy-looking, self-serving

  • oil industry awards

    How to Create Truly Unique Oil Industry Awards (and Gifts)

    Coming up with unique award and gift ideas for the oil industry can be a challenge. Many of the traditional concepts may seem tired and unlikely to have considerable perceived value. These include, for instance, the many variations of brass pump jacks that have been a common recognition staple in the industry seemingly forever. Another […]

  • Deal Toy with Resin Staircase

    Ordering A Sample Deal Toy: 7 Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

    Ordering a sample deal toy is a wise move, but a pointless one if you’re not attuned to some potential issues and problems. For an infinite number of reasons, there can be problems with deal toys. One of the most egregious examples making the rounds long ago involved the mention in the deal terms of […]