Almost 20 years of Partnership

Prestige Custom Awards first worked with Google almost 20 years ago, designing the deal toy for their 2002 initial public offering. Since then, Google has grown from a search engine to a powerful platform for devices and more, with seemingly endless innovations along the way.

Recognizing Their Team Members

No company succeeds and innovates year after year without a committed team. To help recognize those team members, Google has turned to Prestige Custom Awards again and again, to celebrate their efforts and achievements.

Puzzle-Themed Team Awards: Teams that succeed fit together like a puzzle, and we worked with Google to create awards that symbolizes this teamwork. Each element can be customized based on the message conveyed, company branding, and the scale of the project.

Innovation & Development: Google also chose Prestige to develop recognition pieces throughout their company because they know team members are more likely to continue their great work when they understand their impact. From patents to employment milestones, Google puts effort and care into recognizing the hard work that makes them a better company.

Custom Demonstrates Their Values

Because Google chooses custom awards, team members won’t get the same gift at any other company. This further emphasizes the spirit at Google: you can’t find team members and innovation like this anywhere else.