Are you looking for a custom award that doesn’t just become clutter on a desk? You’ve seen “custom” awards, but they all blend together, and nothing captures your brand the way you envision.

Your organization isn’t generic, so you don’t want to give generic awards.

Customization should mean more than
just laser engraving a name.

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Truly Custom Designed Awards
for Your Specific Event

Are you commemorating years of service? A new product launch? Or FDA approval?

Custom touches don’t have to be expensive: we can incorporate the actual product your team members worked so hard to launch. Or maybe you’ll choose a shape based on your logo for a years-of-service award. Any event can be symbolized through different shapes or materials to create truly custom-designed awards for your recipients.

You can’t recognize innovation and dedication with overdone, off-the-shelf commemoratives. We get the design just right because you need an award that communicates the recipients’ unique value.

Based on Your Brand

Your award should represent your brand. Materials can be customized to your logo colors, incorporating your logo and other branding elements.

You don’t want to give a tacky gift: with a custom designed award that resonates with your recipient, you don’t have to worry.

Choose the elements that speak to your values.

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Unveiling Truly Custom Awards 

Our custom awards are more than just trophies – they’re strategic recognition pieces. In this video, we explore how we go beyond the surface to craft awards that:

  • Become an extension of your brand: We capture your company’s essence in every detail.
  • Spark lasting connections: Custom awards create a powerful bond between recipient and organization, fostering pride and loyalty.
  • Drive results: Engaged employees are more productive and stay with you longer. Invest in recognition that pays off.
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Memorable Awards Your Recipients
will Value Throughout their Careers

In a world of remote work and high turnover, your teams want to feel like they’re part of something larger.

Custom designed awards link individuals to your organization, giving employees a sense of purpose through the perceived value of the gift.

When those employees feel appreciated and seen, they stay with your company longer. Show how much you value your team members with custom awards that aren’t just clutter

The Preferred Vendor for Top Brands like ESPN & the NFL

Esports Award Crystal Wild Rift
Custom Crystal For Real Estate Firm Anniversary
Crystal Leadership Award National Football League 2022
Ali Forney Award Crystal Youth Shelter
Custom Crystal Restaurant Opening Commemorative
Custom Lucite For Broadway Opening Night
Crystal 10 Years Of Service Award
Custom Crystal Recognizing Patent Issuance

Expertise in Material Selection

With custom designed awards, you’re not limited by the materials. Many times, stock award manufacturers will only provide a few choices of materials and sizes. At Prestige, we can guide you toward the right material for the task or combine materials for a unique look.

We’ll create designs to match your specific dimensions and meet your exact size requirements. Don’t be limited by the selection of awards in a preset, ready-made menu.

Through our careful processes and selection of materials, your awards will exceed your expectations.

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Custom Boxes: Take Your Gift and Award Branding to The Next Level

Custom boxes provide another way to add cachet — and perceived value — to your gifts and awards. Ask your Sales Associate about our distinctive, branded boxes.

Browse Some of Our Latest Custom Award Designs


Expertise in Each Component of Custom Designed Awards

Step 1

Complete Our Design Form

We make custom designs simple. You don’t need to provide any design ideas if you don’t have them. Instead, we ask the right questions to uncover essential details about your event and get to work right away with initial designs in 48 hours.

Step 2

Expert Guidance & Designs

After you see our suggestions, your input will guide the revisions. But we’re here to make sure the final product matches your vision, which means we’ll offer guidance on material choice and everything you might have forgotten.

Step 3

Proofs & Packaging

Our software gives a 3D rendering of the finished product, but we can also send photos of the first sample from the factory. Then, we’ll ensure your final product is packed well to avoid damage, with custom packaging available to add on.

Step 4

Shipped to the Final Destination

With our global presence in cities from New York to Hong Kong, we know the shipping requirements worldwide. So, whether these pieces are going straight to the venue or recipients around the world, you can be confident they’ll arrive at their destination