What Does 3-D Etching in Crystal Look Like?

We have over 30 years of experience in guiding clients in their selection of materials for corporate awards and gifts.

Still, knowing some of the differences between acrylic and crystal can help you approach the ordering process with greater understanding and confidence.

One of the key differences between the two media is that objects can be placed inside acrylic (Lucite), but can’t be embedded in crystal. What IS possible in crystal, on the other hand, is a process commonly known as 3-D laser-etching, a process most easily explained through photographs.

What is 3-D Etching in Crystal?

3-D etching is a process through which artwork is laser-etched inside crystal. So again, objects can’t be placed within crystal, but by virtue of 3-D etching detailed artwork—whether of an object, logo, map etc.—can simulate the same effect.

This top view should give you a sense of the three-dimensional effect:

What Does 3-D Etching in Crystal Look Like? - image 3D-FOR-SITE on https://prestigecustomawards.com

Top view of 3-D laser-etched inside crystal.

Another example of 3-D etching appears below. This is a great illustration of how 3-D etching can sometimes showcase a client’s product (in this case bicycle helmets) more easily and cost-effectively than acrylic.

3-D Etching Effect in Crystal Showcasing a Client's Prodcuct

Crystal piece featuring 3-D etching. Showcasing the Nutcase’s product—bicycle helmets—would have been far more difficult and less cost-effective if attempted in acrylic rather than crystal.