Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated)

Logos frequently provide at least the initial basis for deal toy ideas, but many logo-inspired design options still tend to be overlooked.


Logo-themed deal toy designs tend to be fairly common.

After all, however complex or simple they might ultimately be, the perceived value and cachet of deal toys lies in their distinctive design elements; and logos, because they are by definition distinctive, offer a ready source of deal toy ideas.

The problem is that many bankers (understandably) may not recognize the full range of techniques available for a logo-themed design.

And because logos are again by definition unique, they are all different—and therefore tend to lend themselves to different design techniques and effects.

Also, some of the techniques lend themselves to certain materials more than others. This will also be emphasized in considering these effects.

This post is intended to give those bankers and others a feel for some of the many techniques through which logos could most imaginatively and effectively be used as the centerpiece for a deal toy design.

Logo-Themed Wood Deal Toy

Deal toy featuring a logo mounted on a wood section.


7 Deal Toy Ideas Highlighting Your (or Your Client’s) Logo

1) Contour Designs

Contour designs make use of all or part of a logo in the outer edge of the design.

Here again, not all logos will lend themselves to this type of technique; but when used with an appropriate logo, the technique can result in some fairly compelling logo-themed designs.

Importantly, this kind of effect can be rendered in a number of media, including both crystal and acrylic (Lucite), as shown in the examples below.

Logo-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Contour design featuring the leaf icon in the HomeTown logo. This material here is acrylic (Lucite).

Logo-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

A logo-themed contour design rendered in crystal.

Logo-Themed Crystal Tombstone

Another crystal deal toy featuring a logo contour.

Logo-Themed Custom Crystal Deal Toy

Another contoured design, this time making use of only part of the logo.


2) Designs Using Spinning Elements

Incorporating a spinning element is another effective strategy for showcasing a logo in your deal toy design.

Please note that this is not suggested for crystal designs, but only for those in acrylic (Lucite).

The deal toy examples below are all Lucite designs.

Logo-Themed Deal Toy with Spinning Element

Acrylic tombstone featuring a spinning logo icon.


Logo-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Here again, the icon portion of a logo is used in this Lucite tombstone.

Lucite tombstone with Spinning Logo

An example of a spinning element incorporated via a recess.


Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated) - image g14 on https://prestigecustomawards.com

In contrast to the Verb Surgical design above, this Lucite tombstone incorporates a horizontally-oriented logo icon in its spinning element.


3) Full-Logo Shapes

In these designs, as the name implies, the deal toy shape follows the lines of the full logo shape.

Designs of this sort can be rendered in a variety of media, including both crystal and Lucite.


Logo-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

A recent example of a full logo design in crystal.

Logo-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Full-logo design rendered in Lucite.

Telefonica-Vonage Deal Toys

A relatively simple design that makes use of a shadow box to replicate the logo shape.


Logo-Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Deal toy with full logo design in crystal.


Logo-Themed Acrylic Tombstone

Full logo tombstone design, created in Lucite.


Logo-Themed Deal Toy

Crystal full logo deal toy design.


Mobile Services Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone with full logo design. Noona is a mobile service providing real-time information on the condition of cancer patients.

Crystal Orangetheory Fitness Deal Toy

The logo of the Orangetheory Fitness chain–which mimics the shape of a fat cell–is followed in this crystal design.


4) Logo Cut-out Designs

Cut-out designs feature a freestanding element of the logo–typically the icon portion.

This type of design is fairly common, and can be rendered in a variety of media, including both crystal and Lucite.

The deal toy examples below are both crystal, Lucite, or, in the case of the piece directly below, metal.

Deal Toy Featuring Cut-Out Metal Logo

The deal toy design above makes use of cut-out metal letters to enliven an all-text logo.

Twitter Crystal Deal Toy

Crystal witter deal toy featuring a crystal cut out of the logo icon.

Logo-Themed Deal Toy

Deal toy featuring cut-out of logo, this time in acrylic.


Logo-Themed Custom Lucite

Another example of a Lucite cut-out of a logo icon.


Logo-Themed Deal Tombstone

Lucite tombstone featuring logo cut-out. All-text logos like this can prove difficult to showcase, The laser cut plexi technique used here is one creative solution.


5) Designs Using 3-D Etching

As mentioned previously, certain deal toys designs, such as those featuring spinning pieces, are associated only with Lucite.

On the other hand, 3-D etching, also known as “internal etching”, is a technique used only with crystal.

One of the limitations of crystal is that objects cannot be embedded, or placed inside, as they can with acrylic. Though no physical object is actually placed inside the crystal, the 3-D lasering effect simulates just that.

Crystal Cube with 3-D Laser Etching

Top view of crystal capturing how 3-D etching simulates the actual placement of an object inside crystal—something that cannot be done.



Crystal Cube Featuring 3-D Etching

3-D etch effect making the helmet portion of the Nutcase logo appear to be embedded.

Crystal Pyramid with 3-D etching

Front view of a crystal pyramid incorporating 3-D etched artwork.


Crystal Pyramid with 3-D Laser Etching

Side view of the same piece, clearing showing the 3- D etched elements.

6) Designs Featuring Dominant Logo Elements

This technique involves exaggerating what is usually already a dominant element in the logo.

Here again, not all logos will have elements that lend themselves to this kind of design.

Two views of a design playing off logo icon:

Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated) - image icon-1 on https://prestigecustomawards.com Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated) - image icon-2 on https://prestigecustomawards.com


The deal toy below, commemorating an investment in the Spanish solar firm X-Elio, plays off the “0” in the company’s logo.

Logo-Themed Deal Toy Ideas: 7 Creative Design Suggestions (Updated) - image IMG_6318_mod on https://prestigecustomawards.com

Logo-Themed Lucite Tobmstone

An acrylic tombstone design making use of cut plexi to amplify the logo’s “waves”.

Logo-Themed Acrylic Tombstone

Here again, a feature of the logo is isolated and showcased with cut plexi.

Logo-Themed Lucite Tombstone

Here a spinning element is used to showcase the logo’s stylized “A”.

Crystal Tombstone with Logo Theme

A crystal tombstone playing off an element of a logo.


Logo-Themed Wood Tombstone

Another view of the wood, logo-themed deal toy shown above.


7) Designs Featuring Assorted Laser Etching Techniques

The laser etching process can be used to achieve a number of effects. These include the use of laser-cut plexi, and clear-cut and deep etching. The more common standard etch technique is also illustrated below.

Again, the most commonly used technique, which you most likely have seen, is standard laser etching of a logo, such as shown here on both the back and base of Purcari tombstone below.

Deal Toy with Laser Etching

The most common laser etching technique is shown here on both the base and back of the piece. This is known simply as standard etching.

Lucite Deal Toy with Laser-Cut Plexi Logo

Logo here is rendered three-dimensionally in laser-cut plexi.

Lucite Tombstone with Laser-Cut Plexi Logo

Laser-cut plexi logo element here also forms the outer contour of this Lucite deal toy.

Deal Toy with Clear-Cut Plexi

Another lasering technique: clear-cut plexi gives Nimble’s rabbit mascot a three-dimensional effect.

Deal Toy with Laser-Cut Plexi Logo

Freestanding laser-cut plexi makes this logo the centerpiece of the deal toy design,

Logo-Themed Deal Toy

Cut plexi used to highlight an element of a logo.

Logo-Themed Acrylic Tombstone

Lucite tombstone with laser-cut plexi logo icon embedded inside.


The pieces shown here by no means cover all possible sources for logo-themed tombstones. At the same time, these categories can overlap with certain designs and deal toys falling into more than one.

It shouldn’t be your responsibility to come up with deal toy ideas; that said, it is our hope that the pieces shown here will at least help crystallize your thinking when it’s time to reach out to a vendor and initiate the design process. Having a concrete example of what you have in mind can save you a considerable amount of time.

David Parry is the Director of Digital Strategy for The Corporate Presence and Prestige Custom Awards, a designer and provider of custom corporate awards, ranging from creative employee and client recognition awards to the NFL Commissioner’s Awards and ESPN’s ESPY.

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